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Şekerleme Nedir?

The answer to the question of what is candy is actually very easy and understandable. Confectionery, which is mostly consumed by children, is one of the products that adults love to consume. Confectionery that stands out as a type of sugar is obtained as a result of blending granulated sugar and fruit extracts with various food materials. The blended mixture goes through the boiling process and as a result of certain processes, the desired type and number of candies are produced. Confectionery with many varietiesappeals to consumers from all walks of life. Confectionery, which can also be consumed plain, can sometimes be served with different beverages such as coffee and tea .

With this aspect, confectionery, which finds its place in the category of sweet snacks, helps in preparing both delicious and practical presentations. ConfectioneryThe materials used in the preparation differ for consumers. Confectionery, which has many varieties today, can be prepared with many products from chickpeas to fruits, from fruit pulp to cakes. Confectionery, which can also be prepared as a gift, can be the savior of surprises for your loved ones. The confectionery group generally has a wide product range. These products have an aroma that appeals to adults as well as children. Confectionery, which is prepared in various forms, provides an impressive range of flavors as a result of the harmonious blending of the products used. Confectionery varieties, which succeed in offering different aromatic flavors together to their consumers, also offer a different taste with their scents. Confectionery that can be obtained with the right flavors ensures an intense taste in the mouth .

What are the Confectionery Types?

While the question of what are the types of confectionery is enough to help many confectionery come to mind, the answer is almost exciting. Candies are snacks that are loved and consumed by almost everyone. Its calorie rate is lower than other sugary foods. This makes confectionery more preferable. Confectionery stands out as a great alternative for those who want to eat healthy but cannot stay away from sugary foods. The content of confectionery varieties is extremely rich. Confectionery varieties with high calorie content are low in protein. At the beginning of these are candies prepared with fruit extracts.

Almond and bonbon fudge

Confectionery crowned with foods such as roasted chickpeas, nuts, peanuts, almonds and bonibons is also very delicious. Candies with Turkish delight or candies with regret can be used to prepare treats for guests. There are also types of candies made from plain or pistachio halva. In addition to all these prepared mixtures, hard candy, chocolate varieties, dragees, cezeryes, fruit pulp and flavored candies are also included in the confectionery group.

Confectionery groups called walnut sausage are also among the varieties that are very popular with users. In addition, caramel candies are among the favorites of the confectionery group. Re-feeling a taste from childhood can be possible with candies. Confectionery varieties that have become everyone’s favorite dessert can also be obtained as a result of the preparation of cakes and pastries.


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